Thursday, January 17, 2008


I am a Cubist Picasso.
A superball whizz-banging around the room
bruising myself,

about to blow into something
not yet experienced
and spawn a full-blown regret.

I am a dart streaking from the dart gun,
a boomerang that never comes back,
a harum-scarum nomad from a tribe all my own,

an amoeba changing shape moving helter-skelter.
When peeved I will give you a blow-by-blow
description of the tumbleweeds in my brain.

Compartmentalize me and I may explode into a mushroom cloud.
I am a kernal the split second
before it pops into white light.

(This is one of my favorite poems I've ever written.)


Kelly Jene said...

I love that. It is so descriptive of a free spirit. Well done!

Daughter of Eve said...

Hi, Diane.
I am NOT a soprano. I had a voice teacher who was molding me for such, but I resisted. I am a first alto, who did sing He Shall Lead His Flock (which is usually sung by a soprano).

No word yet on the 'puter. Computers can also be like kernels the second before they pop. I have manuscripts on there! I tell ya, something's gonna pop.


So free!!! with apprehension of the damage, what another terrific piece from you! I bet your children are equally as creative!!

jensawyer said...

This poem is so good. You are so talented. Does angst come with talent?
Love, Jennifer