Monday, January 7, 2008

Come Back Snow!

New Year's Day morning - a trace of snow - by evening a towering 10-12" of white teetered on every surface - the deck railings, the picnic tables, the mailbox.

I've been hosting a New Year's Day party since I was a much-too-young bride many, many years ago. This year it was sunny and dry on New Year's Eve and sunny and cold on January 2. But January 1st provided a what-could-have-been snow day and a low turn-out at the party. TODAY is sunny and in the 60's and the snow is gone.

But I still say - Come Back Snow!

Loving winter, for me, has something to do with body image. I'm much more confortable in my long jeans, high-heeled boots and soft sweaters than in cellulite-revealing shorts and flabby upper-arm-baring t-shirts.

Winter's chill covers (some of) my flaws as the snow covers the flaws of our landscaping. It's just white and smooth (kind of how my skin should look).

I'm comforted by winter and the excuse to hibernate. I want to snuggle under a throw blanket with hubby on the love seat with a direct view of the snowy weighed-down branches of the evergreens out the front window.

Come Back Snow!



But the beauty of growth in spring too is just glorifying!

I miss snow as long as the temps aren't freezing and my body freezes itself to my skin!!

Hope you're not too tired from the gathering on NYD!! That's a great idea! Does everyone watch football?

By the way,..I LOVED IT! Finished it in one day-I asked my husband if I could lock myself into the book and because I couldn't put it down, he said okay..I was a bit sad only because I love love..but, it was a great, fantastic and real book! Thank you thank you!
I look forward to #2 someday!


AmyS. said...

I agree with the weather/body image theory. Maybe I should move to northern Canada!! I read the other post here, Diane. I love that she loved your book!! I know that post must have made you feel good. I hope others read it, too.

Kelly Jene said...

You write so artistically how I feel about winter. Though I much prefer autumn with the blowing wind and falling leaves, the body image issue is taken care of during these cold months.