Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

At 6:40 am I was stepping out of the shower and my husband knocked on the door and said he'd been out at the local Panera to get me my favorite cinnamon roll - but there were fierce winds all night and the power was out there. I thought that worked out perfectly - I got the gift without the calories. Thanks, Babe.


Edna said...

Happy Birthday Diane!

Kelly Jene said...

Too sweet.

Is it your birthday?

If so, Happy Birthday!!! God bless you!


So instead of the sweetness that grows funkies on our fannies, you had a memory taste that for some, consider a waste.

But glorious are you with you Soul and your twinkles, to tease him about it this morning and after.

A good birthday indeed, with the love of our season, come wind, come snow, the school districts closing, and even the cinnamon duster can get a day off!

Happy birthday!! it is your birthday..I it??

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday fellow acquarius!