Friday, January 25, 2008

Fractions of Life

Sometimes it seems like it is not getting any easier - the (mental) institution of marriage, that is. We have absolutely nothing in common. We do not enjoy or find meaning in any of the same things. Our sole commonality is the desire to be together - so we keep talking and planning and praying and dreaming.
He is the numerator and I am the denominator and we mean something completely different when you put us together. He witnesses my inner madwoman and loves me still.
He doesn't hear the lyrics of a song, but my brain immediately zeros in on the words.
On the way home today the CD played a song with the simple refrain -

You, you have been loved by someone good.

That, I know for sure.
That, I have never doubted.
That, is more than anyone should ask for in this lifetime and more than I deserve.


Anonymous said...



begin where you are

Edna said...

I read your entry yesterday and I find myself still thinking about it today. Something I rarely do!


You deserve lots of love..and it's good to have a different balance..very very good!

Edna said...

When I first read this entry, I focused on the first part where you make such statements as "We have absolutely nothing in common." It was only after I reread your blog that I began to appreciate your emphasis on being "loved by someone good" and how "That, is more than anyone should ask for in this lifetime and more than I deserve." What a beautiful thing to say! I hope your husband reads your blog.