Friday, January 18, 2008

Quotes of the Day

My mind is my main problem almost all the time. I wish I could leave it in the fridge when I go out, but it likes to come with me. I have tried to get it a nice hobby like macrame, but it prefers to think about things, and jot down what annoys it. Anne Lamott

Writing is easy. You only need to stare at a piece of paper until your forehead bleeds.
Douglas Adams


AmyS. said...

Sharing a writing quote from Katherine Patterson. "In a real sense, I am constantly writing autobiography, but I have to turn it into fiction in order to give it credibility." ;o)

Kelly Jene said...

LOLOLOL Oh, I love that one by Douglas Adams. It is so true! Thanks for the laugh!


oh yes, how very true!!!
I'd like a yellow m&M please!!

Kelly Jene said...

You are an incredible artist! Truly a gift...