Tuesday, January 29, 2008

In the Midst of Grace

In an unfathomable universe
I move in free will
Yet constrained in the journey
On the path to heaven

The iniquity I'm drawn to
Fades to prisms of merciful light
Iridescent in His presence
I am loved and forgiven

Awash in complacency
Mired in errors of omission
Transgressions are planted
In my fallow human heart

When I wake up with wings
And pure love is revealed
I revel in the divine truth
That I dwell in the midst of grace


Kelly Jene said...

Beautiful! Truly.

Mary said...

Beautiful writing.

Diane, I'm not sure I managed to get the little review of "Flying Over Midnight" that I wrote and posted on my blog. It follows:

Diane's book,“Flying Over Midnight,” is a much more than a love story. It is a powerful story of a young woman, Elise, who is a wife, mother, and musician. She sees her life as an unending cycle of disappointments and loneliness. Suffering from depression, she accepts professional help offered by Mary Sue, a friend and clinical psychologist. Elise begins a journey to recovery by facing her demons and finding her true self. “Flying Over Midnight” written by Diane Vogel Ferri, is not a fluff novel. It’s a compelling story deserving of a sequel.

Again, thank you so much for sending me an autographed copy.

Anonymous said...

what a lovely poem!