Saturday, February 2, 2008


I already posted today but I want to add something. Last night we had a wonderful family birthday party for my son and me. Our birthdays are two days apart (so poor Ryan has had to share every one of his birthdays with his mom) My daughter sent packages from New York for us. Her gifts were so thoughtful. For Ryan - a blanket with a Welsh dragon symbol (the Welsh flag?) Ryan identifies with being Welsh on his dad's side and races Dragon sailboats. Kate sent me a lilac candle - it's my favorite fragrance - a beautifully bound notebook -for my writing obviously - a lovely artistic glass plate (for the artist in me). Also, the white tights I've been searching for! We were able to share the evening with her through a web cam. Such an amazing invention! My parents were in total amazement that we were talking to and seeing Kate! But that was because of another incredibly thoughtful gift from my sister, Janie. At Christmas she had my name and when I opened the gift there were two web cams - one for me and one for Kate.
My brother and sister-in-law gave me a book by Amy Grant because they know I am big fan. My mom and dad gave me a tea pot and warmer. I am a tea addict and it is already sitting on a table next to me as I write today. Ryan and his girlfriend gave me a gift card to a spa (who can't use a massage?)My husband gave me a fantastic, romantic dinner out this week and a great carrying case for my lap top (which was my Christmas present and I LOVE it.)We always say it's the thought that counts - and it is. I could buy myself any of these things, but I wouldn't. All of these gifts were thoughtful and given with great love and I am so blessed that all of these people are in my life. Thanks, family.


Mary said...

You had a fantastic birthday. I'm so glad everyone had the chance to visit and extend happy birthday wishes.

I responded to your comment on my post re: reviewing your book. I decided to repeat it here.

"Diane, My review of your book was hard earned. I really hope you consider a sequel. I believe I commented somewhere on Elizabeth's blog (or maybe it was an email) about the possibilities. Each of the characters you established would have a very interesting story: Ed and Marty; Owen; Daniel; and even Jack. And then there is Elise and her journey to fulfillment. Think about this."

Please don't think that I'm just blowing smoke. I'm known for being a tough reviewer.

Edna said...

You gave your husband a beautiful gift in your post of 1-25-08! I expressed something of that when I posted a second comment on that blog five days later. Did you see it?

happyone said...

Sounds like you had a great birthday with your family. Happy Birthday to you and your son.

I love the smell of lilacs too - the smell reminds me of my grandma. When I was little she had a whole row of lilac bushes right outside her living room windows. When the windows were open the whole house smelled of lilacs. :-)


I still have to send you your card..I'm dreadfully behind.

I'm so glad you had a great day!

Edna said...

I was impressed by Mary's comment above about your possibly writing a sequel to FLYING OVER MIDNIGHT. I second her excellent idea!