Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Why am I posting on my blog at 1:00 in the afternoon? I went to work today but I had to come back home at lunchtime because I smelled so bad! Let me explain - I did take a shower and put on deoderant and everything - but just as I was about to leave for work I let my little dog Stella in the house from potty-time and she'd been sprayed by a skunk! Her first time. I shoved her back outside, but too late - the house was fogged with the fragrance of Pepe Le Peuw. I tried washing her out on the deck - in the middle of a thunderstorm (one of the few things I'm afraid of). It seemed like she only got it in the nose, so I lathered her up with vinegar and water,(tomato juice seemed too messy for my rush) stripped off my clothes and started the wash, got dressed again and got to work only 30 minutes late. I thought I'd really pulled it off until I realized that I stunk! My hair and my hands in particular. I tried to make the best of it, but my friend Kim said she could smell it just walking past my room. My students kept putting their sweatshirts over their noses all morning - so I decided to end the torture. In hopes of a miracle cure I perused the Internet and read that your nose experiences "olfactory fatigue" and you cannot smell it yourself after a little while. (I could smell it but it was a lot worse than I thought.) Maybe that's why you can't smell your own bad breath. The vinegar helped my skin, but I think Stella's in for a few more baths.


SOUL: said...

that sounds like something that would happen to me!

do you smell better now?
or do you smell like vinegar?
do you think your clothes are forever ruined?
how bout stella?
funny.. that name makes me think of the movie..

anyhow-- just thought i would come peruse around your blog-- seein as you stopped by mine the other day.
thanks btw.

and i'm wondering why your name (the 1st 2 anyhow) seem so familiar to me, as i have never been to ohio... have you lived anywhere else? or been in military towns?

hope your day airs out

Kelly Jene said...

Poor Diane! Oh, what a way to start the day.

By the way, I wanted to let you know I was finally able to order your book today! I'm so excited! Hugs...

Daughter of Eve said...

Douche works really well to get the skunk smell out of their hair. I've had to buy it ghastly proportions in my history with canines. Lamentable.


Funny, even though this is a late read, I just had a dream about being sprayed by a skunk..
how dreadful! Too bad you can't rub your hands or lick the sink to rid the smell of it, like you can do with onions! Seriously, Ask Cheryl! Rub your hands on stainless steel and the onion smell will disappear..and then she said, "too bad we can't lick the sink!"

Happy Thursday!Valentines Day!!