Thursday, February 21, 2008

Three Crosses

Three crosses
like three Valentines on the hill
flourishing on a green stage

fifty miles farther
into the Virginias, three crosses
like three birds on a branch
gazing down, singing

thirty miles towards Ohio, three crosses
like three grace notes
in the symphony of sheltering trees

a small white wooden cross
plastic flowers, a name and a date
steps from the highway
buckle up

a palm frond cross
hangs from the mirror
my hand floats to my throat, a silver cross
saving me from myself


Kelly Jene said...

That's really beautiful. Did you get my email?

Kelly Jene said...

Hiya! I just noticed your comment on my other blog. I re-sent the email ... it's coming from my "themoohaa" email, so maybe it's in your junk mail?

Also, my book is now for sale... check my blog for details.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for sending the book, I am enjoying getting to know you better.