Thursday, February 28, 2008


Fairies lacking restraint
in a freefall to earth.
Twinkling satellites
from a fissure in heaven;
the antithesis of their
arrival point on the planet.
A bohemian coterie,
a flotilla of fun,
sometimes slower than gravity allows
or circling in a 3/4 waltz.
They are the only pure white we know,
washing the world clean
perfectly silent in the journey.

She can't live without the snow
making music in her head,
a celestial painting.
Looking out the window
is a hobby now.
Nothing as beautiful
can be humanly created.
In a quiet afterthought
a tuft will be released from a branch
carried by the cold across her path
when heaven touches earth.

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Kelly Jene said...

Sweet and almost haunting in a way.

I emailed you!