Sunday, February 17, 2008

Merriam Webster's Word-of-the-Day Poem

I will not use a weasel word or truckle to common phrases.
It is untenable to think of the miasma
of grandiloquence in the English language.
A plenitude of fungible, sometimes jerkwater words.

Do you find me erudite? Supercilious? Or just soporific?
Please do not besmirch me,
but be lenitive with my poem of folderol.
I hope this does not rankle you or cause williwaw.
I am only displaying a protean deliquesce.

You scaramouch you! Do not jape at me
or extirpate my nomenclature!
I am only attempting to be apodictic, can't you see that?
Alas, I am a gadfly, a bodacious, syncategorematic kith,
an infranglible, toady poet who enjoys a languer of language.

Do not view this as an opprobrium, but a benison.
I have only salubrious intentions and do not mean to rankle
or appear intranspicious. I am, after all, sagacious.


Kelly Jene said...

Uh, yeah. Ok then. lol Wow.

And please don't think your book put me to sleep. I was holding it with the very intention of opening it when my eyes decided to mutiny and close.

I actually stayed up til 3:30am finishing your book, so ha! :)


yeah, that is a funny form of speaking...or wanking, or wokring.. :)
Happy tuesday!