Friday, February 15, 2008

This and That

Yesterday there was a very strange and unfamiliar light in the sky around Cleveland. It was eerie (not Erie). It seemed like something we remembered from long ago. At some point on the way to work I remembered - it was the sun. God gave us a Valentine. It showed up again this afternoon. Wow! Maybe we can still believe in spring.
Regarding my pain and whining - I went to a rhematologist. She gave me a long and deep injection of cortisone in each hip. I have had the shots once before so this is a last ditch effort - but I feel very hopeful. The last two days I have been hobbling around like the Tim Conway character on Carol Burnett - going oh so slow from the injection stiffness and soreness. But I'm so happy because it is a different kind of pain. I have a feeling some praying has been going on out there. Thank you.
Okay, be forewarned - a little rant is coming:
I despise the way actors and musicians are constantly awarding themselves for something they already get fame and money from. The myriad of award shows is laughable. That being said - sometimes I watch them for the fashion show and if it's the Grammy's I'm hoping to actually see a talented musician chosen to perform. This year's Grammy show did have two highlights for me. One was Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue - one of my favorite pieces of music ever - total class. The other was when Vince Gill accepted his award. A few awards ahead of him Kanye West got a Grammy. He got up and said something to the effect of - I deserve this because I'm the greatest artist there is. He went on and on in the same vein - and then when the music began to play he said it would be in bad taste for THEM to interrupt him. It was truly revolting.
So then Ringo Starr gives Vince Gill his Grammy. Vince says "Wow - I just got an award from a Beatle!" Then he smiled sweetly - looked out in the audience to Kanye and said, "Kanye , has that happened to you yet?" It was a great moment.


Kelly Jene said...

I'm glad you are feeling better. I hope the relief continues.

As for the award shoes, yes, it is pointless in my book. Now when every teacher in the world gets an award for dedication and every childcare worker gets an award for patience and love, then maybe someone else can toot their own horn. Til then, no thanks.

Kelly Jene said...

Grr I accidentally wrote shoes instead of "shows". Why is there no edit for the comments! LOL

(Can you tell I'm obsessive?)

Kelly Jene said...

That pic of Ernest Hemingway's home and writing spot is too cool! Is there a way to see it bigger to see more detail? Fascinating!

happyone said...

Enjoyed the Vince story!!!
What a great line!!
I hope your feeling better and better.